Using 3D mapping

The use of the 3D mapping capability of DJI’s Terra software plays a key role in our ability to complete jobs in tough locations. At LyonAg Drone Solutions, we utilise the Zenmuse P1 45 megapixel camera mounted on the Matrice 300 RTK (pictured left) to fly our mapping missions. These high quality RTK corrected images, taken at a Ground Sensing Distance of 1cm, allow an accurate map for weed detection and flight path generation. Flying at a height of approximately 80m, the M300 and P1 can map 80 hectares in an hour.

Following a mapping mission with the P1, we download the overlapping image files into DJI Terra. Terra is then used to reconstruct the area. This process develops a 2D orthomosaic of the area. With each pixel representing 1cm2 ­­, we can accurately identify weeds for spot spraying missions. The reconstruction also creates a 3D pointcloud (image below). This model reflects the topography and obstacles, such as trees.

An example 3D pointcloud with a spot spraying mission generated. The drone will follow the set flight path to each green point, where a set amount of chemical will be applied

Once a spraying zone is selected, the a 3D flight path can be generated. If we are running a spot spraying mission, the flight path will travel to each individual spray location in sequence. If it is a blanket spray, the flight path will consist of AB lines across the spray area. In both cases, the 3D flight path is strictly followed by the drone. With the correct marking of spray and non-spraying areas, as well as obstacles, the flight path allows efficient, safe and accurate operation. As shown in the image below, the flight path routes the drone around set obstacles (in red), and performs a blanket spray over areas marked in pink.

3D Mapping example from DJI Terra, with highlighted spray and obstacle areas visible
3D mapping Milsom
An example blanket spray flight path over regrowth. Obstacle and spray area highlighting has been hidden in this image

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