July Update

The team here at LyonAg Drone Solutions has been keeping busy in the months since the launch of our website. Many things have developed within the business recently, moving towards expansion and advancement of our systems.

Team and equipment

We now have a second qualified remote pilot in Mitch Scrivener, who completed his RePL training requirements with UAS Pacific in Brisbane in May, and completed his CASA aircraft endorsement at the end of June.

DJI Agras T30

We recently had the pleasure of assisting Archie Davidson, a year 11 Farrer Agricultural High School student, with his week long work experience. He displayed a keen interest in drones and their agricultural application, and provided some excellent assistance during his week with us.

We have seen the near completion of the prototype LyonAg Drone Hub trailer, complete with diesel generator, high-spec computer for mapping and reconstructions, water storage and a pump driven chemical batching tank.

DJI Agras T30

An Agras T30 has been added to the drone fleet. With an increased payload compared to the T20, the T30 provides much greater efficiency while spraying and spreading, making the most of longer battery life and flight time.

Field Days

We have attended a number of field days and demonstrations to highlight the advantages and potential of our equipment and skills. Of note, the Hunter Local Land Service’s Singleton Pasture Demonstration Site field day, held in conjunction with Farmers Warehouse Singleton, Ag Farming Systems, and a full array of agriculture businesses, was a great success with over 100 landholders attending. Further, the drone field day organised by Cam Laurie at Rawdonvale allowed us to demonstrate our capabilities to landholders. In a hilly area where a large amount of spraying and seeding is done by helicopter, we can offer a viable alternative on smaller jobs.


DJI Agras T30 drone spraying

A wide range of different jobs in varying locations have tested our capabilities. Our understanding and use of the software available, such as DJI Terra, has meant we have risen to each challenge and have amazed even ourselves with just how versatile our drones can be. Confidence in our mapping and flight path development play a key role in how far we have come.

Ultimately, the goal for LyonAg Drone Solutions remains the same – to provide safe, effective and targeted spraying and spreading services. In a wet year, we have the tools and skills to play a major role in a range of agricultural systems.

We thank everyone who has supported the business thus far, and hope we will continue to grow into the future. We have been on an exciting road, and exciting things are in the future.

The LyonAg Drone Solutions team.

Precision. Innovation. Excellence.

LyonAg drone over field

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